What are the benefits of getting a dental filling?

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Benefits of getting a dental filling !

Filling a tooth requires removing the part of the tooth that is damaged or decayed. The gap left after the tooth is removed is filled with a sustainable material that prevents the tooth from any further damage. The fillings can be made of resin, silver, gold, or porcelain. Below-mentioned is a few benefits of getting a Dental Fillings Mississauga :

Prevents the cavity from growing

When you get a dental filling, the dentist will thoroughly clean out the part of the tooth that is damaged or decayed and fill the space with a material to seal the hole created by the cavity. Additionally, a filling also protects the nerve endings from being exposed to foods you consume as well as bacteria. Exposure to these nerves can lead to severe toothaches when you have cavities.

The structure of your tooth significantly improves

Dental fillings significantly help improve the structure of your tooth. It gives the tooth much-needed support, instead of it being hollowed out by the cavity. They are a temporary solution that does not cause damage to your tooth during the procedure.

It helps in strengthening fractured teeth

Dental fillings can be used to repair fractured teeth. Due to oral or physical trauma from activities such as sports etc., or even from chewing on food items like hard candies can cause your teeth to get fractured. As you grow older, your teeth become weaker making them vulnerable to chips and fractures.

Dental fillings can enhance the colour of your teeth

Dental fillings are often applied to those individuals whose teeth are discoloured or badly stained. Your teeth can get stained based on the things you consume such as coffee and red wine. Bad habits like bruxism also lead to your teeth losing their natural colour over time.

Prevents your teeth from decaying

There are tiny holes that develop on your teeth that are too small to be considered as a dental cavity. These spaces notoriously trap debris and food particles. As time passes by, these small holes will eventually lead to tooth decay. As luck would have it, they can be taken care of with a composite filling.

It helps improve the functionality of your tooth

Decay has the potential to make it extremely difficult and painful to chew. Getting a dental filling for your decayed teeth can help eat with much less pain.

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