Dental Crowns Mississauga

What is a dental crown?

A crown or a “cap” as some people call it, is a great way to cover chipped or broken teeth. It is essentially a hollow, artificial attachment that can be made out of ceramic, plastic or metal depending on your choice. Book your appointment today to fix your broken teeth in Lakeshore Dentistry Mississauga.

How is a dental crown applied?

The procedure involved in applying a dental crown is quite extensive.

A local anaesthetic is required to numb the area around your teeth. Sometimes, if the procedure is simple, this will not be used. The tooth is then filed down and a measurement of the neighbouring teeth along with the affected teeth are taken to ensure that the crown is the right shape for you. There may have to be some adjustments made once the crown is ready.

If you have gone in for a root canal, or any invasive procedure that requires a crown, the dentist will have added a temporary crown to keep the tooth from becoming too sensitive. The shape and color of the temporary crown will not be similar to the final color of your actual crown. The color of your crown is determined by your natural teeth color and choice of material. Get more information about dental crowns by calling us at 905-990-8500 or visit our clinic located in Mississauga.

Which dental crown is right for me?

Dental Crowns Mississauga

Dental crowns are made from a variety of materials. Depending on the position of your tooth and severity of your tooth’s condition, we will suggest a material or mix that will help you restore your smile. The various kinds of dental crowns are as follows:

Metal crowns – The sturdiest crowns, these are usually made from gold. They last a very long time and do not chip or break easily. However, the only disadvantage they have is that they do not look natural enough.

Composite crowns – The most natural looking crowns, they are designed to make your smile look complete without the jarring colors of other crowns. They last less longer when compared to other crowns.
Porcelain crowns – These crowns also look natural. However, they are less sturdy than metal crowns and are usually preferred for the front teeth.
There are other mixes such as porcelain and metal fusion crowns that combine the best of both these crowns to give you a better experience. Your Mississauga dentist recommended a dental crown to protect your tooth from breaking.

Why should I choose dental crowns in Mississauga?

An effective teeth restoration process, dental crowns have many benefits.

Dental crowns can form a support for teeth that have been severely damaged or decayed.
It helps form a shield for teeth that have been worn out and can help reduce sensitivity.
It can help protect a tooth after procedures like root canal or having had a dental implant done.
It can even help keep a broken or chipped tooth together.
If a natural-colored crown is selected, it can help your teeth look the same as the others and keep your smile completely natural looking
They are long-term solutions

If you are staying in Mississauga or near to it then book an appointment today or call us at 289-805-6174 to fix your broken or chipped teeth.

How much does a dental crown cost?

Depending on the material and other procedures required to have the dental crown made, we will be able to give you a good estimation. We accept most insurance companies and have a variety of payment methods.

Why choose us?

We take the health of your smile very seriously. Our dentist commitment to provide the best care and keeping your teeth healthy and happy is something we put our heart and soul into fulfilling.

With our highly trained staff, experience dentists and state-of-the-art technology, we have helped make many smiles brighter. Visit Lakeshore Dentistry for Dental Crown in Mississauga.