Wisdom Tooth Extractions Mississauga

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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars. Most people get these teeth in their late teens these teeth can be a valuable if they are healthy and aligned properly. However in most cases wisdom teeth are misaligned or be angled inward or outward. This poor alignment can lead to crowding and in some cases and can damage adjacent teeth.

Wisdom teeth are enclosed within the soft tissue and partially break through the gum. This partial break provides a safe haven for bacteria to enter and causes infection. This can also lead to pain and swelling. Moreover this teeth is hard-to-reach and its position makes brushing and flossing difficult. Most dentist recommend wisdom teeth removal to avoid further issues. Our team of dentists offer reliable and pain free wisdom teeth removal. To book your for-Wisdom tooth extractions appointment with us, get in touch with us today.

How do I know if I have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom Tooth Extractions
By examining your mouth, you can determine if you have wisdom teeth. However, if the tooth is impacted under the tissue, its presence can be determined through an X-ray. Most wisdom teeth can be happen between the ages of 16 to 23. Wisdom teeth will usually create a pressure or throbbing in the back of the jaws. Our dentist will be able to inform you of the condition of your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth extractions

Wisdom teeth are a set of molars in the back of your mouth. As these teeth are far back in your mouth and they are difficult to brush and floss. This in turn leads to bacteria build up and further leads to cavities, tooth ache, infection and other issues. Our team of dentists offer wisdom teeth removal services. We will take thoroughly check your teeth, and provide you with a suitable treatment. Contact us now for Wisdom tooth extractions more details.

Benefits of wisdom teeth removal

There are a number of benefits of wisdom teeth removal, they are:

Removal of wisdom teeth means less crowding, and lesser crowding reduces orthodontic problems.
By removing wisdom teeth you can prevent damage to nearby teeth
It also helps reduce the risk of oral disease
Helps reduce the risk of inflammation
Lessen orofacial pain
Can be helpful in reducing the risk of cysts, tumors, and jaw damage

Tooth extraction

During your visit the dentist will examine your wisdom teeth and determine if there is any way to save it. If the teeth is damaged due to cavities or is causing pain, your dentist will recommend you to remove the teeth. Before a dentist removes your wisdom teeth, he will talk take your health problems into consideration and create a suitable plan to proceed further.

You dentist will administer local anesthesia before we remove the teeth. An X-ray maybe taken to check if the teeth is awkwardly placed. Wisdom teeth extraction Mississauga may take about 45 minutes. Call now for details.

Do’s and don’ts after the removal of your wisdom teeth

Eat soft foods and drink plenty of fluids.
Use an ice pack on your face to reduce swelling
Don’t drink through a straw, as it may slow down the healing process
Don’t eat hard and sticky foods
Don’t smoke and don’t rinse your mouth harshly.

Things to watch out for after your wisdom teeth removal

Bleeding may occur for few hours after tooth extraction. Place a clean moist gauze over the extracted area to stop loss of blood. If heavy bleeding continues contact your dentist.
It is also essential to avoid rinsing or spitting after tooth extraction.
Facial swelling typically occurs after the extraction of the teeth. To minimize swelling, you can use an ice pack on that area of your face and repeat if necessary.
Pain medications can be taken as recommended by dentist.
Foods should be avoided. Avoid alcohol if you’re taking pain medication.
Do not use mouth wash as they can irritate the extraction site.

Key points

Removal of a wisdom tooth is indicated if your teeth is misaligned and has caused a number of issues such as severe pain, infection, cavities and swelling.
Wisdom teeth removal is a pain free procedure and is undertaken under the influence of anesthesia.
Before the dentists proceed with the extraction, we will thoroughly check your teeth, create a suitable plan and then proceed.
We will provide advice on the do’s and don’ts after the extraction.

Trusted clinic

We are trusted and reliable clinic, with many years of experience. All our staff are professional and fully qualified. You can rely on us to offer quality and trusted services at all times. In addition to offering wisdom teeth extraction in Mississauga we also offer a range of general and cosmetic dental services. All you have to do is discuss your needs with us and our team will do the rest. Speak to a member of our team at Lakeshore Dentistry now for more information and we will do the rest.

How much does wisdom tooth removal costs in Mississauga

If you are not insured, wisdom teeth removal in Mississauga can cost anywhere between 200 to 600 dollars for extracting a single tooth. If you are insured, significantly less out of pocket. For more details, speak to the team at Lakeshore Dentistry.

How many days do you need off for wisdom teeth extractions?

It is usually recommended that the patient takes a day or two off from work after getting their wisdom teeth extracted. For more information on wisdom teeth extractions in Mississauga, contact the staff at Lakeshore Dentistry.

Can I go back to work after the wisdom tooth extraction?

It is suggested that you recover for a day or two after a wisdom tooth extraction. If your job involves strenuous activities, then you need to talk to your employer to rest for a couple of days.

Which day is worse after wisdom teeth removal?

The second day is usually the worst day after getting your wisdom teeth removed. The area around the extraction site might swell up, there may be some discomfort or mild pain. Both the swelling and the discomfort will subside in a few days.