Dental Bonding Mississauga

Damaged teeth? Dental bonding is the way to go.

Chipped, broken or discolored teeth can harm our confidence. With a cosmetic dentistry procedure like dental bonding, it becomes easier to smile with confidence.

How does dental bonding work?

Dental bonding works in a very simple, straight forward manner. To begin, your dentist will first determine the shade of the composite resin that needs to be used. Once that is done, they prepare the tooth to have the bonding agent applied. For this, he will first roughen the teeth’s surface and apply a liquid which enabled the bonding agent to stick to the teeth.

After this, the bonding agent or composite resin is applied and molded to suit the structure of the rest of your teeth. The resin is hardened using ultra violet light and can be molded further by the dentist even after it has set. Book an appointment today for dental bonding services in Mississauga.

Why choose Dental Bonding Mississauga?

Dental Bonding Mississauga

Dental bonding can help recover your smile. Whether you have chipped or broken teeth, a little composite resin can solve it and bring back your bright smile. It also has other benefits such as:

It is a procedure which requires less time.
Is usually painless.
Doesn’t involve too many tooth alterations
Strengthens the tooth
Cost effective
Long-lasting with proper care

Dental bonding is definitely a simple procedure that can help you get your smile back. Most dental bonding procedures can be completed within one sitting. This makes the procedure very desirable for most of us.

Another great fact about dental bonding is that it doesn’t require the affected tooth to be heavily altered. The resin does a good job at transforming itself into an attachment for your tooth.

If your teeth are discolored or stained, then visit Lakeshore Dentistry for Teeth whitening treatment. In dental bonding Teeth whitening is the main treatment. This procedure brightens your teeth and attain a great smile. Teeth whitening Mississauga lightens teeth color. This is the most popular cosmetic dental procedures since it improves the look of your teeth on your beautiful face.

The procedure helps you recover the functionality of your teeth and strengthens it. When compared to a lot of procedures, dental bonding is definitely more cost-effective. Contact Lakeshore Dentistry to book a consultation or for free, friendly advice.

When to choose dental bonding?

Common imperfections of the teeth can be treated easily with the help of dental bonding. It is a terrific choice to get your smile back in form, especially for minor problems.

Here are a few scenarios in which dental bonding can prove to be both cost-effective and reliable:

Discolored teeth can be hidden with the resin.
Small gaps between teeth can be covered easily.
Shape or size of teeth can be altered to match the rest of your teeth.
If your gum is receding, the exposed area can be covered with resin.
If you have broken, chipped teeth, dental bonding is the perfect choice

Cost of dental bonding in Mississauga

Dental bonding is a very varied procedure. Since it is used for so many problems, the cost can be very different for every individual. The cost of dental bonding is usually calculated based on the following factors:

The count of teeth that need to be bonded.
The quantity of composite resin required.
The position of the teeth that is affected.
Requirement of other procedures of testing techniques such as x-rays.
Your current health

Most insurance companies do cover the cost of dental bonding. To find an accurate cost, we will need to do a proper examination. Online book your appointment today for dental bonding treatment Mississauga.

Why choose us?

Built on the principles of trust and honesty, our dental clinic aims to provide customers with the best experience. Our procedures are done with extreme hygiene and care and our number one priority is your smile.

With state-of-the-art technology and highly trained dentists, we cater to your dental needs with enthusiasm and professionalism. Our friendly staff and extremely clean clinic could be the perfect choice for you. To select the right treatment option for you Lakeshore Dentistry, carries out a professional dental assessment before performing teeth bonding treatment. Book your Dental Bonding Appointment today.