Dental Bonding Excellent Alternative to Veneers

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Chipped, broken or discoloured teeth can dampen your confidence. Dental bonding is a cost-effective cosmetic dentistry alternative that will not only restore your smile but give a boost to your self-confidence. It is a reasonably-priced alternative to dental veneers. To find out more information about the procedure or to schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to give Lakeshore Dentistry a call today. If you are based in the Mississauga area, visit our clinic and get your queries answered by our professional and friendly dentists.

How does the dental bonding treatment work?

Dental bonding is a straightforward cosmetic dentistry procedure. To begin with, your dentist will first identify the shade of the composite resin that needs to be applied. Once that is completed, they will then prepare the tooth for the bonding agent to be applied. Before your dentist does that, they will roughen your teeth’s surface and then apply a liquid for the bonding agent to stick to the teeth. After this, the bonding agent is moulded and applied to suit your teeth’s structure. The mould is then hardened using ultraviolet light. For further information about the treatment or to find out more, get in touch with our team today.

Advantages of Dental Bonding:

Below-mentioned is a few examples where a dental bonding procedure can prove to be both affordable and dependable:

  • Discoloured teeth can be hidden with the resin.
  • Cover small gaps between your teeth easily.
  • Alter the shape or size of your teeth to match the rest of your teeth.
  • If your gum is receding, the area which is exposed can be covered with resin.
  • If you have broken, chipped teeth, dental bonding is the best choice
  • It is a customized treatment.
  • Treatment is relatively inexpensive
  • Anaesthesia is generally not required for this treatment.
  • Treatment usually gets done in a single visit.

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If you have a minor cosmetic dentistry problem such as a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, a gap in between your teeth, or a discoloured tooth, then dental bonding is the perfect procedure for you. Visit Lakeshore dentistry in Mississauga to get that million-dollar smile you’ve always dreamt of. It is an affordable alternative to getting dental veneers. Give us a call today on 289-805-6174 to schedule an appointment or to find out more details.