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Can dental bonding fix multiple teeth gaps together?

Have you always wondered about the gap between your front teeth? Do you ask yourself, “how can I fix the gap in my front teeth?”. Is the procedure painful and straightforward? Do not worry, with the help of dental bonding, your questions will be resolved. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that ensures you do not shy away from smiling during family engagements or other functions. However, if you would like to remove the gap between your teeth safely and effectively, then dental bonding is the ideal solution. It is a fantastic way to mask an undesirable space in your smile. Let us understand if Dental Bonding Mississauga  can fix the gaps of multiple teeth together, who is the ideal candidate for this treatment, and if the procedure is pain-free.

Dental bonding procedure

With dental bonding, the gaps between the front incisors as well as between other teeth are covered with composite resin. The personalized mould ensures the space is covered perfectly. A dental bonding procedure is used for covering fractured, chipped, discoloured, and even decayed teeth. The mould is prepared at the dental clinic itself, so you will just need to make a single visit to the dentist helping you save time and money. Our dentists will make sure the bonding material used for the mould matches the shade of your nearby teeth perfectly. Before the conditioning liquid is applied, the surfaces of the teeth will need to be prepared by gently scratching them. After that, the dentist will mould the material between the gaps and ensure it matches your teeth. On average, it requires about thirty minutes for a tooth.

Is dental bonding treatment a good idea?

When it comes to getting multiple gaps in your teeth closed, dental bonding is the most recommended procedure by professionals. It significantly helps in improving the appearance of your smile and makes it look longer. This treatment is also highly recommended by dental professionals to patients suffering from receding gums.

If you are still nervous about the treatment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team to find out more about dental bonding. Additionally, Lakeshore Dentistry offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including dental bonding to ensure you are happy and comfortable with your smile. Whatever your dental needs, our dentists have the expertise and experience to identify a suitable treatment for you. To book an appointment with our dentist, get in touch with our professional and friendly staff today.