Is root canal therapy a permanent option for infected teeth?

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Is root canal therapy a permanent option for infected teeth?

A serious sign of an issue with your teeth is tooth pain. However, it does not always mean you need to get a root canal. Below-mentioned is details to know if getting a root canal procedure is necessary for you.

A root canal treatment is carried out to repair a tooth that is severely decayed or infected. It involves removing the pulp from inside the tooth, cleaning and sealing it. Most individuals assume that a root canal treatment is painful. In reality, it is not much more painful than getting a filling placed.

Relatively painless dental procedure

With significant advancements in technology, a root canal procedure today is relatively painless. The dentist will first administer the patient with local anaesthesia. Following that:

  • The dentist will isolate the tooth with a dental dam to keep the tooth clean and dry.
  • Using a small handpiece, the dentist will open the surface of the tooth to gain access to the inner part of the tooth that is infected.
  • After that, they will remove the pulp from the infected area and will file the inside of the tooth to make way for the filling that will replace the removed pulp.
  • Next, the dentist will clean the inside of the patient’s tooth with antimicrobial rinses to eliminate any remaining pulp.
  • And finally, the dentist will disinfect and dry the patient’s tooth and place it with a temporary filling.

After a couple of weeks, the temporary crown will be removed, and a permanent crown will be placed in. The crown can last for up to 25 years.

Is there any other alternative to treat infected teeth permanently?

Taking proper care of your teeth keeps them from being exposed to any kind of trauma and significantly reduces the chances of you getting a root canal procedure. The worst-case scenario if all else fails is tooth extraction and replacement. To counter that, a dental implant can be placed in. However, it takes much more time than getting a root canal treatment. Also, a tooth replacement or extraction is a much more painful procedure than a root canal, even though it is a far more affordable alternative than a root canal treatment, but it is not advised by many dentists as there can be serious repercussions for leaving a gap in your mouth unattended. It can lead to a host of problems such as bite issues, deterioration of jawbone tissues, including proper alignment.

Local anaesthesia and painkillers have made root canal procedures pain-free nowadays. If you have a tooth that is decaying or infected, the ideal option is to have a root canal done to save the natural tooth from completely getting damaged. For further details on Root Canal Therapy Mississauga , contact Lakeshore Dentistry to schedule an appointment.