Potential Signs Of Emergency Dental Care

by | Jul 25, 2022 | dental implants Mississauga | 0 comments

Many people ignore a toothache; they let it pass and carry on with their daily lives. However, leaving it untreated can lead to severe dental problems in the future. Lakeshore Dentistry is a reputable emergency dentist in Mississauga that can provide expert toothache relief. Toothache comes in all shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, degrees of pain. Identifying what an emergency is and is not can help you save a significant amount on dental procedures in the long run. It is essential to get a proper diagnosis from a dentist to determine the solution to the problem. Prevent yourself from running into a more significant dental issue in the future by visiting the best dental clinic in Mississauga today or contacting to book an appointment. Below-mentioned is reasons to seek emergency dental care:

  1. You have a loose tooth

As an adult, you should never experience loose teeth. As you grow older, your teeth become sturdy enough to help you chew and speak clearly. If you notice your teeth starting to feel loose, there could be a few reasons for it happening; it can either be a tooth injury that you have suffered from a sports accident or physical trauma. Another reason could be damage to your nerve or jaw. A possible infection could be another sign of a loose tooth.

  1. Aching and bleeding gums

Bleeding gums could be early signs of gum disease or gingivitis. However, if it is excessive or recurring, you might want to see an emergency dentist, as these are the most common signs of gum disease. Incorporating a regular oral care routine can prevent gum disease. An emergency dentist can identify what is going on with your gums. Finding gum disease early can keep your gums and teeth intact in the long run. If ignored, it can reach a point where a dentist will not be able to restore your natural teeth to their healthy state.

  1. A swollen jaw

A swollen jaw can indicate signs of an infection. It can potentially be a salivary gland infection that can cause blockage and prevent the saliva from breaking down food and washing away bacteria. If you are experiencing a swollen jaw with a bad taste in your mouth or trouble swallowing food, you must seek emergency dental care as soon as possible. Visiting our dental clinic in Mississauga will help you find solutions to treat these symptoms mentioned above.

  1. Experiencing a severe toothache

If you are experiencing a severe toothache, it is a sign that you visit an emergency dentist and seek immediate relief. A dentist will give a proper diagnosis and the root cause behind the toothache. The dentist can provide the proper treatment solution based on the diagnosis. Most tend to ignore toothaches because of lifestyle choices and habits. By visiting our emergency dentist in Mississauga, we can prevent your toothache before it leads to you needing to get a painful dental procedure.

  1. Your mouth tastes like metal

Have you ever had a metal filling? If your mouth starts to taste like metal, it can signify that your old metal filling has become loose or cracked. An open filling can leave your tooth vulnerable to new infections and cavities. Leaving this untreated will lead to headaches, cavities, and worse, you potentially get a root canal. In times like these, you must seek emergency dental care if you notice issues like this.

If you are experiencing a toothache, do not leave it untreated; visit Lakeshore Dentistry, a trusted dental clinic in Mississauga.