Why Getting Your Teeth Cleaned Is Important?

by | Aug 4, 2022 | dental implants Mississauga | 0 comments

We understand that it is important to see your dentist twice a year to get your teeth cleaned and checked. However, the sad reality is that many fail to visit their dentist regularly which leads to them not taking care of their overall oral health. Many patients tend to ignore or put off their appointment with their dentist a little longer. It may seem fine in the short term, but this procrastination leads to ignorance which in turn leads to severe dental problems, and they will need to shell out large sums of money for dental treatments. Visiting your dentist regularly is good for your oral health. Lakeshore Dentistry offers professional dental cleaning in Mississauga. Below mentioned is five reasons why getting your teeth cleaned is important:

  1. Removes any build-up of tartar

One of the top reasons to visit your dentist regularly to clean your teeth is to ensure no tartar build-up. It does not matter how well you brush your teeth, build-up of tartar is inevitable. If left untreated, it can cause a host of problems such as gum disease and cavities. Over time, it can lead to costly dental treatments, including impacting your long-term dental health. According to some medical professionals, the build-up of tartar can lead
to other health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Cleaning your teeth twice a year is a cost-effective way to prevent the above-mentioned outcomes.

  1. Detecting early signs of oral cancer

Cleaning your teeth is not just for one to show off their smiles at social events and gatherings, dentists will also look for any possible signs of oral cancer. If detected early, it can be easily treatable. But the longer it is left untreated, it can get hard to rid of and potentially becomes fatal. The key to this is early detection. By ensuring you visit your dentist on a regular, you can prevent this from becoming something serious. Like they say,
‘Prevention is better than cure”.

  1. Eliminates bad breath

One of the most common oral problems is bad breath. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Having bad breath is not a sign of an individual having poor oral hygiene. It is simply bacteria building up in your mouth. During your dental cleaning appointment, our dentist will remove the plaque and treat the teeth to prevent any build-up of tartar, ensuring long-lasting fresh breath.

  1. A brighter and whiter smile

Stained teeth due to your eating or smoking habits? Don’t worry. Even though consistently brushing your teeth and using mouthwash can help prevent staining, it cannot completely remove them as fluoride treatment and polishing. Consistent teeth cleaning keep your teeth white so you can show off your million-dollar smile.

  1. Helps prevent tooth loss

Gum disease does not only affects your gums, it can cause a serious infection by slowly moving down to your teeth and destroying the jaw bone tissue, eventually leading to tooth loss. Most times gum diseases cannot be detected until it is too late. Then you will end up having one expensive procedure after another to treat the infection and replace the missing tooth.

If you wish to keep your teeth and your smile for as long as possible, visit your dentist regularly. For professional dental cleaning in Mississauga, you cannot go wrong with Lakeshore Dentistry. Contact us today to schedule your teeth cleaning.