Is Port Credit Mississauga a Good Place to Live

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Finding the right place to build a life is always daunting. Moving is such a stressful experience you don’t want to do it too often, so getting it right is important. It can dramatically affect your quality of life, if you are planning a family, it shapes your children’s early life too. But what is Port Credit Mississauga really like if you are looking for somewhere to call home?

A more relaxed environment

If there is one defining characteristic of life in Port Credit, it would be that it is laid back, a more relaxed approach to life that lets you enjoy the moment. This is true in general, but it is especially true if you are looking to move from the core of the city, where life is all hustle and bustle fast paced on intense.

Its not just the more relaxed pace of life either, Port Credit is known for the small town feel and sense of community that it has had for most of its existence, and you feel that in every store, every restaurant and just walking down the promenade.

It feels safer than the city too, and statistics back that up, ensuring that you can enjoy the parks and outdoor scenery with confidence.


There is a wide variety of housing here, with the newest condos sporting lakeside views being highly sought after. Port Credit is a little more expensive than some areas of Mississauga, and prices have risen quickly in the last few years as more people have noticed just how great a place to live it is. However, with new builds on the rise, there are opportunities for condos, family homes and more across the area.


Port Credit itself is easy to get around on a bike or walking, but for most residents, the biggest transport need is for commuting to the city for work. Links are good though, and the Port Credit GO mobility hub provides easy access to Transit train and bus services that can take you across the region. Good road links also connect you with Mississauga and the wider region too, so the commute is as easy as it can be.

Family Life

Port Credit has a number of highly rated schools that ensure children living here get a great education. In addition, with the safe surroundings and a wide range of family-oriented activities and dedicated outdoor spaces, there is a lot to recommend for families here.

The area is utterly beautiful too, and with the lakeside location, offers a number of opportunities for families that you just cannot access in a city. Boating and other water sports, biking and more are all on the doorstep here, letting you enjoy a healthier lifestyle with confidence.


If you love eating out, Port Credit is definitely somewhere you will fall in love with. With the top restaurants in Port Credit covering a range of cuisines, cafes and more, you can always find somewhere to eat out. As with the shopping, the very best is located along the promenade, a pedestrian only area by the marina that lets you explore at your leisure, it’s a very different experience to city life and one you will love. And if you are considering the best dental office in Port Credit, look no further.

Is Port Credit a great choice to call home?

Yes, yes and YES! Whether you are looking for a first step into life outside the city, a place to raise a family or just a different pace of life, Port Credit gives you the best of all worlds. It has the small town friendliness and sense of community that makes them so special, while also providing easy access to the jobs and amenities of the city.

It does all of that while placing you right on the shore of the lake for spectacular views and unmatched opportunities for an outdoor lifestyle.

Port Credit is truly fantastic place to build your life.