Misconceptions About Root Canal Therapy

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Emergency Dentist Mississauga, Root Canal Therapy | 0 comments

For most individuals, a root canal treatment can cause a lot of anxiety and fear. Many people assume that it is extremely painful and the treatment is lengthy and can be unbearable to endure. Below mentioned are some misconceptions about root canal therapy to ease your concerns:

1. The treatment is painful

The major reason for many people avoiding getting root canal treatments is because they assume that the procedure is painful. However, with advancements in modern technology, root canal treatment is mostly painless, it can be similar to the pain threshold of getting a dental filling. Additionally, the dentists at Lakeshore Dentistry have the expertise to manage tooth pain effectively and quickly.

2. Root canal therapy cannot be done if the patient has a tooth infection

When you are experiencing pain because of an infected or decaying tooth, it is the right reason to get a root canal treatment. This procedure will relieve the pain you are experiencing from the tooth that has been infected. This dental procedure is required when the enamel and the pulp of a tooth have gotten infected. If left untreated, it will continue to get worse.

3. The procedure can make you sick

There is a misconception that a root canal treatment can cause illness or one could get sick in the future. That myth has been debunked by many reputable dentists and medical professionals. There is no scientific evidence that links root canal treatment to illness or other diseases.

4. Root canal treatment require long appointments

Most root canal procedures today can be performed in a single visit which will usually last anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes. While some require two appointments, this occurs in cases based on the severity of the infection.

5. It is better to get the tooth extracted than get root canal therapy

Many dentists do not advise extracting an infected tooth without getting it replaced with an implant as it can cause your remaining teeth to shift and it could affect your bite too. The ideal solution is to try to save the natural tooth. A root canal treatment has a high success rate of saving your infected natural tooth, and most importantly after the treatment, it will last a lifetime. Extracting your teeth and replacing them with an implant is time-consuming and expensive and requires a further visit to the dentist.

6. It removes the roots of the tooth

When the dentist performs a root canal, they will remove the tissue that has been infected with pulp within the crown and inside the roots. The roots are left intact. It is important to leave the roots in place as they lock down your teeth to the jawbone.

7. I don’t need to get a root canal because of a toothache

A tooth that requires root canal therapy does not usually cause pain. Sometimes, your body creates ways for it to deal with the pain. Our dentist has the expertise to identify when a root canal is required. It can be before the teeth become painful, or when a chronic infection is present.

7. My tooth is fixed once the root canal procedure is completed

The root canal treatment is only the first step in getting your natural tooth back to its optimal health. The tooth will need to get a temporary filling once root canal therapy is completed, and it has to be in place for at least two weeks. To prevent your tooth from other treatments, a porcelain only is the best solution to maintain your natural tooth structure.

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