What is Port Credit Known For?

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Port Credit is one of those hidden gems, a beautiful spot and a fantastic place to live overshadowed by the more famous places surrounding it. But that doesn’t mean Port Credit should be overlooked, in fact with its rich history and impressive amenities, it is definitely somewhere to visit when you are in the area. It’s a great place to live too, but this is what it has become most known for.

The Mississauga Ojibwe


Port Credit today is a suburb of Mississauga but can trace its history right back the Mississauga Ojibwe First Nations band, who settled in the area around 1720. They created a trading post where they exchanged goods with the European settlers, who came in numbers to acquire the furs the Mississauga people trapped.

That relationship expanded after the 1812 war, when three groups, the Mississaugas, European settlers and Jamaican settlers worked together to build a harbor at the location. By 1847, the Mississauga people left to settle on the Six Nations Reserve, and Port Credit continued on, officially established as a town in 1824. It survived as an independent municipality for much of the 20th century, merging with the City of Mississauga in 1974.

The original village area is now a heritage conservation district.

The Village on the Lake


Situated along the shore of Lake Ontario, Port Credit is often referred to as Mississauga’s village on the lake. This is something the community has embraced, and throughout Port Credit you always feel like this is a small community, rather than a typical suburb.

Port Credit hosts a wide range of exhibitions, festivals and events throughout the year that reflect that distinct ambience and culture, including the June Waterfront Festival, an annual in-Water Boat Show and more.

Music is at the heart of the area, with a three-day blues and jazz festival each year called Southside Shuffle, which also includes new admissions to the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame. There is also the Port Credit Busker Fest every August, where the streets are filled with the very best music.

Places to see


The Port Credit lighthouse. Photo by: Canmenwalker, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At the heart of Port Credit is the lakefront Marina and has docking capacity for boats up to 45 feet in length, perfect for enjoying time on the water. The promenade was built in 1991, and adds essential boating services along with lakeside eating, a great place to spend time.

The history of the area also plays into the modern world too, with a scenic tour available that tells the story of the war of 1812 in the region, taken from the perspective of the Mississauga First Nation and what they did during that time. It is a unique look at history you won’t find anywhere else.

The protected harbor area takes you back to the historic times of the birth of Port Credit, and includes 40 acres of public land to enjoy, including spaces for barbeques, with a playground for children, splash pads and more. If you want to enjoy the good weather outdoors, the harbor has everything you need for a fantastic day.

Other Amenities Available in Port Credit

Since Port Credit has so much to offer, including, have a tour around the area and you will fall in love. It’s constantly evolving and making itself even more charming for the residents and visitors alike. If you need a dental clinic, need a coffee, or need a bite to eat in one of the several top restaurants in Port Credit.

Experience Mississauga a different way


Whether you are visiting Port Credit to sample the small-town atmosphere and lakeside beauty, or looking for somewhere to raise a family, the thing you really notice is how different it feels. More laid back, easy going, a real shift in culture compared to the hustle of the cities.

But it gives you that while still having all the benefits of the region, with excellent transport links, easy access to the big employers and all the rest. It is still Mississauga, but it’s a different feel, a small-town vibe with city amenities.