Dental Clinics and Dental Treatment in Mississauga

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Dental Clinics and Dental Treatment in Mississauga

Looking to get dental treatment in Mississauga? Get in touch with our dental experts today.

We offer a wide range of dental treatments like:

1.Oral hygiene/cleaning

A better life starts with a beautiful smile! At Lakeshore Dental, we offer all kinds of oral hygiene and cleaning services.


Have a broken or decayed tooth you want to take care of? Crowns can be a solution to your problem. Contact our expert dentist at Lakeshore Dental for more information.

3.Teeth whitening

Want to restore your beaming white smile? Book an appointment at Lakeshore Dental today. Our teeth whitening services are best in class.

4.Tooth coloured fillings

Lakeshore Dental offers best-in-class tooth coloured fillings. Say goodbye to the dainty old metal fillings and embrace your naturally beautiful smile.

5. Porcelain veneers

Bid goodbye to discoloured teeth! At Lakeshore Dental, we offer a wide range of teeth whitening services & kits.

Call now to book an appointment.

6. Bridges

Are visible tooth gaps holding you back from smiling wide? Lakeshore Dental has a solution! Dental bridges can fill in any unwanted gaps, so you can smile often and wide. Call now to book an appointment.

7. Guards/Bite appliances

Whether you’re an athlete or experience teeth grinding or clenching, Lakeshore Dental can help. We offer a wide range of customized guards and bite appliances.

Contact for details.

8. Non-surgical gum therapy

Gum diseases can lead to larger problems with time. Don’t worry, give our expert dentist at Lakeshore Dental a call.

We’re happy to help!

9. Kids Dentistry

At Lakeshore Dental, we take good care of our young patients in a nurturing environment. Call now to book an appointment.

10. Invisible braces

Apprehensive of getting metal braces? Don’t worry, you can opt for invisible braces. Call our expert dentists at Lakeshore Dental for more information.

11. Dental sealants

Are deep troughs in your tooth making it difficult to clean them? Opt for our dental sealant treatment at Lakeshore Dental. Call now to learn more.

12. Root canal

Damaged teeth giving you sleepless nights? Contact us at Lakeshore Dental for reliable root canal treatment.

13. Extraction

Whether you want to extract a decayed or a wisdom tooth, you are in good hands. Contact Lakeshore Dental for all types of tooth extraction.

14. Dentures

If you have lost all your natural teeth, dentures can help restore your confidence. Book an appointment with us at Lakeshore Dental today. 

15. Dental implants

Whether you are missing a tooth or two, you can smile brighter again with dental implants. To learn more, contact us at Lakeshore Dentistry today.

16. Dental emergencies 

In case of any dental emergencies, contact us at Lakeshore Dental right away. We offer round-the-clock services for your convenience.

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