Which Type Of Dental Implant Is Best For You?

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Are you self-conscious about smiling at an event? Or talk with confidence because you have a tooth missing? A dental implant is the best cosmetic dentistry solution to boost your self-esteem. There is a misconception that many people think that dental implants are dentures; they aren’t; they act as artificial roots to prevent jawbone loss and support the mouth’s functionality. By replacing the missing roots in the tooth, dental implants provide patients with the stability and strength required to consume the food they love. Additionally, they also support the facial structure. Another factor of poor oral health is poor eating habits, or when one finds it difficult to chew food which can lead to health problems.

Are you envious of a person with a perfect jawline and no cavities, even though consuming a lot of sugar? Well, that person is as rare as Bigfoot. Our bodies and mouth are entirely different and need to be maintained in different ways. Our experienced dentist in Mississauga will conduct a detailed examination of your mouth. Other types of dental implants can be used to treat individuals that have missing teeth or if their teeth have been chipped or decayed. Below-mentioned is four main types of dental implants patients can choose:

  1. Two-stage dental implants

This dental implant requires the patient to undergo surgery to ensure the implant is placed into the jawbone. After the mouth has healed in a couple of months, the patient will be required to undergo another minor surgery to remove the temporary implant and attach the permanent implant.

  1. Endosteal dental implants

Endosteal dental implants are placed into the jawbone similarly to the two-stage dental implant. This dental implant is usually used in place of a denture or bridge.

  1. Single-stage dental implants

This type of dental implant where a longer dental implant is placed into the gum and jaw so that the top of the dental implant is not exposed. This ensures the dentist can go into the mouth after a couple of months of healing and place the restoration right onto the implant without needing to expose the implant again surgically.

  1. Subperiosteal dental implants

Subperiosteal dental implants are ideally placed into the jawbone, and the metal is exposed to hold the restoration. The patient must come in from an appointment so our dentist in Mississauga can thoroughly examine their teeth and plan the proper dental implant treatment. Our experienced dentists have placed hundreds of dental implants over the last couple of years. You can always rely on our team to help you make a well-informed decision.

Smile with confidence

Dental implants today cannot be recognized from other teeth. This is because modern technology has made it easier to match the implant to the color of the patient’s natural teeth. Dental implants can last for a lifetime if one takes care of oral health regularly. Regarding dental implants Mississauga, you can rely on the dentists at Lakeshore Dentistry to help identify which type of dental implant is the best choice for you. If you have any questions about dental implants or looking to restore the functionality of your mouth, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with our team at Lakeshore Dentistry today.