Composite filling and its importance for your tooth!

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Composite filling and its importance for your tooth!

If one of your teeth has a cavity, a dentist will probably recommend getting a filling as quickly as possible to protect your tooth from any infection and safeguard it from any other complications. A composite filling can be personalized to match the appearance of your tooth, including giving your teeth a more natural look. They are virtually unnoticeable to anyone who takes a look at your mouth.

Why is it important for your tooth to get composite fillings?

1.Prevents damage
When your tooth has a cavity, the bacteria creates tiny holes in your teeth, and eventually, the decay works its way deep into the pulp of your teeth, or in some instances, even to your jawbone, which can ultimately cause major dental problems. A dental filling stops decay by sealing the hole, ensuring you do not suffer any tooth loss or damage to your jawbone.

2.Preserves as much of the tooth as possible
Composite fillings are a much more flexible alternative, as the mould can be a better fit for your tooth. This results in less drilling, and it preserves more of your natural tooth.

3.Bonds better
Composite fillings bond at a micro-level to your natural tooth providing additional support.

4.Inexpensive dental treatment
Composite fillings are far less expensive than your traditional metal or porcelain dental fillings. To know more details, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

5.Non-invasive treatment
Getting composite fillings can be completed in one single visit to the dentist, and the best part is, the treatment is non-invasive and painless.

6.Enhances your appearance
One of the most important things that people notice is one’s smile. With the help of composite fillings, you can proudly show off those pearly whites confidently. If you have a cavity in your tooth that is clearly visible, we strongly recommend getting a composite filling. An attractive and bright smile portrays self-confidence and a pleasant appearance. Additionally, composite fillings can also make one feel better about themselves.

7.Free from mercury
There is no evidence of composite fillings having any trace of mercury. Unlike amalgam fillings, which have traces of mercury in the filling, composite fillings are far safer because the base is made of ceramic.

To find out more information on composite fillings or to schedule an initial consultation, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at Lakeshore Dentistry today. Our dentists in Mississauga are well-trained and highly experienced and qualified. In addition to composite fillings, we also carry out a comprehensive range of dental treatments at competitive pricing.