Broken Denture Replace with New Denture in Mississauga

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Dentures are removable teeth that helps you replace missing teeth. Dentures are designed to help restore your confidence and make speaking and eating more comfortable. However overtime they may get damaged. When a denture tooth breaks or falls out, one must remove the dentures Mississauga. Using damaged dentures can cause further problems. You can rely on us to offer denture repairs and replacement solutions.

Has your denture fallen out?

At times the teeth in the dentures will fall out or break as they have been worn out. If your denture tooth falls out, you must locate the tooth and place it in a plastic bag. This will help your dentist to place it back in the denture. There are many instances where your dentist may recommend getting a new set of dentures. It is cost-effective when compared to having denture repairs.

Avoid home denture repair

Please note that trying to repair your dentures at home will do you more harm than good. Many people use glue to replace the tooth or part of the tooth. These glues are water-soluble and will dissolve once the patient wears the denture. Also note that the chemicals in these glues are not safe.

There are also a number of denture repair kits available in the market, however these are not as likely to last as a professional denture repair. If you attempt to repair your dentures with a kit, it can make it difficult for the dentist to repair the dentures. Also note that the build up of glue around the denture can prevent it from fitting you comfortably.

Denture realignment

If you feel that your dentures don’t fit you as well as they did earlier, denture realignment services can help. Poor fitting denture can not only cause damage to the bones but may also harms the soft tissues in the mouth. Denture relining is a simple procedure to make sure that your dentures are comfortable and rests against your gums with ease.

Helping you take care of your dentures

New dentures may feel uncomfortable for a few days, it may take you sometime to get accustomed to them. We offer all necessary tips and advice to make sure that you get used to your dentures quickly. We will also offer tips on how to clean your dentures and maintain a good dental hygiene. Get in touch with us now for more details, our team will be glad to help you with all your needs.

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